The New Hire

The original motion picture soundtrack to my new film, featuring new works by Quinn Collins and Bill Spry.


The Time of the Dinosaurs

The debut (and only) album from short-lived band Spy Satellite, featuring original compositions by Bill Spry and David Leicht.


You Told Me

2012 release of two new acoustic-heavy indie rock tracks.


...And Another Thing

A 2008 collection of unfinished demos and tracks from an abandoned music project.


A Moment Frozen

Conceived, written and recorded in a feverish week of creativity in 2006, this is Bill at his most raw, honest and engaging.


A Period Piece

Bill's first attempt at a cohesive rock album, featuring a variety of instrumentation and some satisfying tunes.


Sinister Falcons

Wait, what the heck is this?! Of course Bill had nothing to do with this. I mean, maybe he was a paid crew member briefly, but he would never be a willing participant in such a horrific mess of "music".


Songs for Films

A sampling of songs written for films between 2001 and 2012.


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